What is The Risk Society?

The Risk Society aims to bring together risk professionals and/or enthusiasts in an environment that promotes learning, discussion and build professional connections. We believe this can be categorised through the five core tenets of the society:

Bottom-up direction

The Risk Society aims to bring together members of the risk community and offers a novel, organic approach: a society built by you, and for you. By this, we believe that you as a member shape the society through your work, desires, and interests. You shape the direction, discussion and events to create risk learning suitable for your needs. In this way we believe you can gain the most from The Risk Society. We believe that this approach will best shape The Risk Society in properly reflecting the values and motivations of its members. This will allow the Society to evolve over time, reflecting changing attitudes, findings, and events to remain relevant to all groups.

A pan-sectoral space for risk

The Risk Society aims to facilitate an improvement in the linkages between the different risk practitioners from e.g. research, policy making, industry, media. We believe this will assist in the pan-sectoral understanding of risk. Together our wide breadth of knowledge will facilitate a deeper understanding of links between the often separated risk fields.  To achieve this, we need a pluralistic space in which debate, ideas, and opportunities can be advanced is vital to the future of risk-based approaches grounded in the values and findings of risk actors from our broad-ranging community.

A regular online and physical presence

To achieve this bottom-up direction, and pan-sectoral space, we aim to bring risk enthusiasts together in two ways. First, The Risk Society will occupy an online space in the form of a regularly updated blog, posting short articles on a weekly basis. These articles could be on current risk-related topics of interest, whether on risk in the news, or issues practitioners are facing in the current climate, for example. In addition, quarterly meetings will take place with a potential variety of locations and styles, such as roundtables, guest lectures, or networking events. The aim is to inform, excite, and connect you to the colourful and complex world of risk.

Inclusive, stimulating debates

Although the weekly risk articles will be curated and published by the organising committee, The Risk Society’s aim is to have a bottom-up discussion started by you, the member. As an expert in your field, you may have a particular view to state, which can be debated in our friendly online space. We encourage members to participate in debates – shared expertise can result in improved knowledge, understanding, and viewpoints on potentially contentious issues.

Networking within a friendly, motivated group

Another use of The Risk Society is to bring together individuals passionate about risk that may not have met before, and broaden their network of risk practitioners to involve those from various industries, scientific institutions, or policy-related bodies. This provides the members an opportunity to develop risk understanding as well as professional connections to leverage their career.  We hope that these connections within the risk network will create opportunities for risk researchers  as well as culmiante in more  science-based practices and relevant scientific endeavours.

If you would like to join the organising committee, contact us.