The people have spoken! (over wine of course)

Thank you for attending our inaugural meeting of The Risk Society on Sept 11. We are very pleased with the enthusiasm and participation of members! Many facets of risk were represented during the meeting: academics, policy influencers, communicators and disaster mitigators, to name a few. The lively and bountiful discussion was a sound indicator that all sectors of risk can come together in a cross-discipline yet coherent discussion to sculpt the future trajectory of the society.

In analysing the feedback from the evening, three central themes emerged:

  • Networking and intimacy

All but one respondent indicated that networking was a priority and a motivator in taking part in the event. Other feedback praised the intimacy of the meeting, citing many corporate networking events of being void of character. Given this feedback, we will continue to work to build the Risk Society network, while ensuring that meetings remain under 30 attendees.

  • Themed meetings with guest speakers

Over 70% of attendees mentioned that themed meetings could attempt to tackle discussions on current events, employing risk-based research and perspectives to suggest solutions. With both academics and policy influencers in the room, a frequently discussed topic revolved around ensuring that a risk-based approach is integrated in future policy decisions, particularly in the wake of Brexit for example.

  • Crossover: meeting of the minds

Half of respondents expressed a desire to ignite conversations with people outside of their immediate area of expertise. Given this information, The Risk Society won’t seek to appeal to a certain sector of risk, but bring together key players from all sectors relevant to the theme set forward.

Next Steps

Whilst considering all this information, we will be working to set a theme with a guest speaker for the next meeting of The Risk Society, as well as providing time for relaxed discussion and networking after the talk. Stay tuned to find out when and what will be discussed! If you have any suggestions for a relevant topic, then don’t hesitate to contact us.

Randa, George, Tali, and Agnes

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